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Maxx Purchasing helps Charity & Non-Profits achieve your mission in more cost-effective ways. We use the combined purchasing volume of our members to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, suppliers, and other providers that your non-profit utilizes. As a member, you save by using our contracts and discounts to purchase the same items and services at lower costs. We negotiate, vet, and contract for you. Cover your organization’s needs at lower costs without losing quality. We allow you to devote more resources to your organization’s goals and causes.

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Through our affiliation with Premier, one of the nation’s largest GPOs, we deliver procurement solutions, supply chain efficiencies, and greater operating margins for our members nationwide. No matter what your industry or the product you need, we will save you on the products and services you already use. With a broad portfolio of over 2,400 contracts from thousands of suppliers, we have leveraged over $45 billion in buying volume to get you the best discounts and incentives from suppliers. Here at Maxx Purchasing we conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and customer service.

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We have reduced our bottom line in yearly expenditures for supplies and equipment. If we have a question or need a piece of equipment, we only have to pick up the phone, they do the research and the legwork, allowing our personnel to take care of customers, not problems.

Dan L., Granite Peaks

We don’t buy a lot being a small company, but they treat us like a big company. And the saving really helps our budget. I refer all my clients to Maxx Purchasing. Why won’t I? They save them money!”

Keith W., The Growth Coach

The service has been exceptional. No research is too small and the savings are always there. Over the years, there have been many companies trying to get our business, but they have always had the best deal around. It has been a pleasure to work with this company.

Debrah P., Western Neurological

I am so happy I took advantage of the discounts! I save 20% on my Verizon account with no obligation or charge. I highly recommend everyone look at this!!!!

George Wilkinson, Legalshield

I wish I would have known about Maxx Purchasing a decade ago. It makes me sick knowing how much we could have saved over the last decade.

William W., Lighthouse Hospice

I needed color copies for a class. I had 109 pages to do and with the Maxx Purchasing card I received over 70% off the total! I was thrilled! Thank you, I will certainly be passing the word along.

Tammy Plett, Critical Nurse Staffing