Keeping your team focused and on the track to success is one of the biggest challenges most upper management faces. One of the keys to team success is having a weekly meeting to achieve the most productivity. This is known as an action meeting; here’s how we format them for utmost effectiveness.

Plan the week

Make it a habit to have a weekly meeting, either every Monday or Wednesday, to strategize and plan out the week ahead.  This will help your team stay on track and focused on the most important tasks at hand for the company.

Status update

Go around the room and ask each member of the team what they are currently working on and what they are interested in about their projects. This will create a sense of unity and help the team build a stronger relationship.

Metrics and status update

Create a simple spreadsheet with basic metrics from each team member’s current project. This will help you see the growth and areas of improvement for each task at hand. We also suggest asking project managers on updates; however, make sure to keep it brief.


It’s a great idea to ask your teammates what they think can improve and what needs more attention. Whether it be about a project, a mission they are trying to achieve or something in the workplace, they should feel comfortable to voice a beneficial opinion. Some of these suggestions can even turn into a small brainstorming session with the team. Close every action meeting with a quick reflection from each team member about the game plan for the week to come.