Having a successful company culture is essential to recruiting and retaining the right employees. Research shows that happy employees are 31% more productive than those who are not, and companies that engage with employees can reduce voluntary turnover by 54%. These helpful tips will improve your brands company culture in no time.

Company CultureListen

Take the time to listen to your team, whether it is with a survey or asking around. This will show you the areas your business can improve and help make its employees feel comfortable. We also suggest having an “open door policy” with your team to create an easier flow of creativity and ideas.

After hours activities

Make the effort to create after hour activities for your employees. Look into having weekly or monthly sporting events, like a basketball league or softball team. This will help build relationships and develop a better sense of community within your company. Also considering taking your team out to happy hour to show them how thankful you are for their work.


It’s important to offer your team benefits and perks. Whether it is health insurance, life insurance, 401k-match or holiday vacation; all these options incentivize your team to work harder and feel rewarded for excellent work. If possible, your company can even offer flexible hours and the option for compressed workweeks and telecommunicating. Encouraging a better work-life balance is one of the best ways to improve motivation and moral.

Vision and mission

Making sure your team understands your business mission is critical to achieving long-term goals. This will create a sense of unity and help your team stay focused on the big picture. Consider trying a performance rating where employee performance is translated into compensation and promotions.