Woman working at DeskGetting ready for Monday is always a challenge. Planning your week ahead of time can help ease you into the week. Ready to get started?

Plan and organize  Take ten minutes to decide what should be prioritized, delegated and what can wait at the beginning of the week (or even Friday afternoon). This will help you stay organized and give you a better idea of weekly goals. Creating a realistic to-do list for the day is a great starting point to help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Think big picture  Set time apart to focus on one big project for the week. Even if you can’t complete it in one day, it will help move you and your company forward. Tip: take advantage on any downtime to get ahead on these special projects.

Don’t stress   Take five minutes during the day to go on a short walk or catch up with a co-worker on non-work things. Remember it’s always important to have a work-life balance – in the long-run, take small breaks will help you work more efficiently and reduce stress.