How To Make Your Team More Successful

Keeping your team focused and on the track to success is one of the biggest challenges most upper management faces. One of the keys to team success is having a weekly meeting to achieve the most productivity. This is known as an action meeting; here’s how we format them for utmost effectiveness. Plan the [...]

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Feeling optimistic about the future? You’re not alone

Is your outlook for the year upbeat? You’re in good company. The National Federation of Independent Business’ small business optimism index hit a 12-year high in December. The index reached 105.8, up from 98.4 the previous month. That’s the biggest one-month increase since July 1980! In addition, according to the index, 50 percent of [...]

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4 Ways To Improve Your 2018

There’s no time like a new year to continue improving your lifestyle. One of the most common questions everyone asks at the beginning of the year is: “What are your new year resolutions.” However the truth is that everyone starts giving up on resolutions after the first month. Instead of setting unrealistic expectations that [...]

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How To Improve Company Culture

Having a successful company culture is essential to recruiting and retaining the right employees. Research shows that happy employees are 31% more productive than those who are not, and companies that engage with employees can reduce voluntary turnover by 54%. These helpful tips will improve your brands company culture in no time. Listen Take the [...]

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Is there an ideal office temperature?

What is the temperature in your office? In workplaces nationwide, there is an ongoing debate over where to set the thermostat. Research shows that office temperature can affect mood, productivity and even how well employees get along. Simply put, if employees feel comfortable with the temperature, they do better work. Cornell University researchers, for example, discovered [...]

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Identity Theft Protection

Are you concerned about Identity Theft after the recent breach at Equifax?  What about your business?  Are your clients information secure?  Here are a few recources to help you:   PROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS FROM IDENTITY THEFT FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION Fighting Identity Theft with the Red Flags Rule: A How-To Guide for Business An estimated nine [...]

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Easy Ways To Prepare For Your Workweek

Getting ready for Monday is always a challenge. Planning your week ahead of time can help ease you into the week. Ready to get started? Plan and organize  Take ten minutes to decide what should be prioritized, delegated and what can wait at the beginning of the week (or even Friday afternoon). This will [...]

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How storytelling can help your business grow and succeed

Who’s the greatest storyteller you’ve ever met? Maybe it was your grandfather telling you stories from long ago or maybe you’ve been at a party and watched a natural storyteller in his or her element control the mood of the room. Either way, good stories have a way of immediately commanding our attention, leading us [...]

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A top source of business failures: Lack of online presence

For decades, the top reasons businesses fail have been fairly constant. Research tells us that businesses often fail due to a lack of capital, too much debt, poor leadership or when they expand too fast. Yet in today’s high-tech and connected world, there is a surprising new reason why companies don’t make it: Lack of [...]

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Realistic Business Goals That Will Make You A Better Employee

Your company’s goals will only be effective if you have a clear vision of what you as an employee want to achieve–and how. Establishing personal and business goals involves a fair amount of introspection into what makes your business tick, and what you want its future to be. Your goals will be more achievable and effective if [...]

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