How To Make Your Team More Successful

Keeping your team focused and on the track to success is one of the biggest challenges most upper management faces. One of the keys to team success is having a weekly meeting to achieve the most productivity. This is known as an action meeting; here’s how we format them for utmost effectiveness. Plan the [...]

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Feeling optimistic about the future? You’re not alone

Is your outlook for the year upbeat? You’re in good company. The National Federation of Independent Business’ small business optimism index hit a 12-year high in December. The index reached 105.8, up from 98.4 the previous month. That’s the biggest one-month increase since July 1980! In addition, according to the index, 50 percent of [...]

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New Office Depot Small Business Savings Program

Exciting news! Office Depot has enhanced our program to provide even more savings in-store and online, plus added fantastic new benefits.  This is a FREE program.  You do not need to pay the annual fee to access these savings. The enhanced program is still all about providing preferred pricing to our customers, but now the savings [...]

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Cheap Bosses Anonymous, Ep. 3 – Mike has found a way to cover restroom expenses

Episode 3 of the Cheap Bosses Anonymous series.   In this episode, Mike the cheap boss, has found a way to cover expenses of his employees using the restroom.

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4 Ways To Improve Your 2018

There’s no time like a new year to continue improving your lifestyle. One of the most common questions everyone asks at the beginning of the year is: “What are your new year resolutions.” However the truth is that everyone starts giving up on resolutions after the first month. Instead of setting unrealistic expectations that [...]

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How To Improve Company Culture

Having a successful company culture is essential to recruiting and retaining the right employees. Research shows that happy employees are 31% more productive than those who are not, and companies that engage with employees can reduce voluntary turnover by 54%. These helpful tips will improve your brands company culture in no time. Listen Take the [...]

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Cheap Bosses Anonymous, Ep. 2 – Office Supplies

Episode 2 of the Cheap Bosses Anonymous series.   In this episode, Mike the cheap boss, is short on office supplies for his employees.  With limited resources how will Mike get the office supplies his employees need?  

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How do we stack up against Costco for Office Supplies?

We recently completed a cost study for an engineering firm that did not have a lot of spending on office supplies so they didn't think it would be worthwhile.  I was not surprised from the savings at Office Depot as we regularly see similar savings.  However, I was surprised by the savings from Staples. Costco is [...]

HP Mono Printers deal from Staples Business Advantage

Check out these deals through the end of the year on HP Mono Printers. HP LaserJet Pro M203dw Printer - $129.99 HP LaserJet Pro M130fw All-In-One Printer - $149.99 HP LasterJet Pro M426fdn All-In-One Printer - $329.99      

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Cheap Bosses Anonymous, Ep. 1 – The Coupon Bonus

Episode 1 of the Cheap Bosses Anonymous series.   In this episode, Mike the cheap boss, can't seem to make ends meet.  It is that time of year where employees expect a bonus but what will Mike do?

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