Membership Has Its Benefits


The West Jordan Chamber has teamed up with
Maxx Purchasing so Chamber Members can save money on  business expenses.

Maxx Purchasing believes that businesses working together can achieve better pricing with less hassle.

So therefore, Maxx Purchasing’s goal is to increase business profits by negotiating better contracts, vetting vendors, and cutting costs.

Maxx Purchasing provides businesses more buying power resulting in better prices with vendors like:

 The West Jordan Chamber has already PAID for your membership ($99/yr)
 Now You Just Have  3 Easy Steps

1) Complete an Application

1) Complete an Application

Business information and where you want to save
2) Talk to Your Consultant

2) Talk to Your Consultant

They will help you find the best savings
3) Start Saving

3) Start Saving

Save on your various expenses

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You Get MAXX POWER – Nationwide leverage & member buying power allows us to negotiate great pricing

You Get MAXX SAVINGS – Most members see Double-Digit savings when they use our contracts

You Maintain MAXX CONTROL – You choose which agreements to use and where you want to save